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Yakah Farms is a Ghanaian farming venture with a primary goal of locally adding value to its products. Currently, the farm operates in the Eastern region of Ghana and 70km from the national capital Accra. With the introduction of best available agricultural practices and expansion plans, Yakah Farms aims to become Ghana’s most innovative and modern farm project. The Yakah Farms business model is inspired by three principles

-Farms that are environmentally friendly, socially responsible, and economically viable.
-Agro-processing facilities of all sizes that are owned and operated by Ghanaians from all walks of life
-The use of modern and smart technologies to develop the farming profession.

What we do

Crop production

Farm establishment

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Current Project: Cocoa farm in Ghana

In partnership with a Finnish company, ATBO-Invest Limited, Yakah Farms has established a cocoa farm in the Eastern region of Ghana. The company has opted to grow fine and flavour cocoa, a type of cocoa that is mostly grown in Central and South America, and some parts of Asia and Oceania. With this project, Yakah Farms is championing in Ghana the growth of sustainable fine and flavour cocoa production, bean-to-bar chocolate production, and promoting chocolate connoisseurship

PETKUS Technologie GmbH

Yakah Farms Ltd is the sole representative on PETKUS Technologie GmbH in Ghana. Established in 1852 and a market leader in the seed industry, PETKUS manufactures and supplies seed processing and grain handling technology, machinery and solutions to private customers, governments, and NGOs worldwide. PETKUS Group of companies include PETKUS, ROEBER, SELECTA, MMW and SIMEZA. Some of PETKUS’s business areas include:

  • Seed conditioning technology
  • Grain handling systems
  • Seed/Food enhancement technology
  • Grain/Food processing technology
  • Structure engineering
  • Data and mobile services
  • Turnkey projects
For more information, please visit www.petkus.com

Petkus Technologies


ATBO logo

Yakah Farms Ltd is the sole representative of ATBO-Invest Oy. ATBO-Invest is a Finnish company specialized in finding and operating different business projects in Africa. The company partners with only sustainable businesses that does not only focus on profitability but also on environmental and social impacts. The aim of ATBO is to positively impact the living standards of African communities while offering fruitful investment products to investors worldwide.


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